“A world where all women thrive.”©

As part of my mission to empower women business owners, I have created “Michelle’s List.” Michelle’s List is intended to help promote and advertise some of my favorite female entrepreneurs. Inclusion on Michelle’s List is voluntary and is at no cost. I believe when women band together anything is possible. The goal is to create a community where we all support and empower each other. To quote the sometimes controversial Ann-Marie Slaughter, “Only when women wield power in significant numbers will we create a society that genuinely works for all women … that will be a society that works for everyone.” I believe this with every fiber of my being.

Alyson Reneé

Owner & Founder, Aly Brown

Barbara Catallo, Insurance Agent

Owner & Founder, Barbara Catallo

Envious Lashes

Owner & Founder, Clementina Richardson

Girl Speak

Owner & Founder, Sarah McAuliffe

Hair by Casey Veda

Owner & Founder, Casey Campisi

JE Coaches

Owner & Founder, Jaime Ellis


Owner & Founder, Nathalie Gregg

Lisa Smith Advisory

Owner and Founder, Lisa F. Smith

LO Impact, LLC

Owner & Founder, Lauren O’Leary


Owner & Founder, Alison Wittich

Match and Cover

Owner & Founder, Tonya J. Long

Melina Penniston Design & Start-up Assistance

Owner & Founder, Melina Penniston

Nerdy Girl Success

Executive Director & Founder, Christina Meade

Pharus Consulting

Owner & Founder, Paru Radia

Rachael Eckles

Author, Trading Secrets and Risky Assets
Owner and Founder, Aphrodite Books
Board Member, The Village Cooperative, Rachael Eckles

Rainbow CFO

Owner & Founder, Andi Ruda

Something Major,

Owner and Founder, Randi Braun

Studio Usher

Owner & Founder, Naomi Usher

Themy, LLC

Owner & Founder, Denise Conroy