“The power of human connection through shared experiences.”©

Why a Blog?

My 50th birthday and a global pandemic. The Midpoint Blog is the result of these two, coinciding major life events.  

All on its own, turning 50 years old served to intensify my inner turmoil and uncertainty about my identity, my value, my life choices, and my mortality. Layered on top of this midlife angst was living through a year of the pandemic, with its continued isolation and uncertainty. The result: an acute existential crisis. 

As I have worked (and continue to work) my way through my need to understand my life’s true purpose, an old friend has resurfaced: writing. As an insecure teenager, my writing took the form of “poetry,” published in my high school’s literary magazine, Expressions.  Back then, writing for me was the equivalent of the release of a pressure valve.  Thus, it comes as no surprise that writing was the tool I turned to again now to release my inner voice – a voice that had been stifled for decades and could no longer remain silent.

Writing has helped me tremendously during the last several months.  And when I became brave enough to share my writing, the universe bestowed upon me an unexpected gift:  the power of human connection through shared experiences.  As I shared my raw, authentic self with others through my writing, I made two discoveries:  (1) I was no longer alone in my feelings; and (2) because I chose to expose my feelings to the world, others realized that they also were not alone.

This blog, then, is at its core, a MIDdle-aged woman’s reflections about life’s journey and her attempt to make sense of it – on her terms and from her POINT of view (thus, the name of the blog, The Midpoint). But just as important, it is intended to be a safe space, not only for me, but for all of my readers.  My hope is that while I work through my feelings, I am helping others to normalize, understand and work through their feelings as well.  None of us is alone.  There is room for everyone here.  And together, we got this.