Meet Michelle

Hi! I am Michelle Bufano! Thank you for reading The Midpoint Blog and browsing the other areas of this website!

About Me & My Mission

A little about me . . . first and foremost, I am the proud mother of two amazing daughters! I also am a lawyer and fierce advocate for my clients, a vigorous supporter of female empowerment, a trusted advisor, a courageous leader, a serial ideator, an astute entrepreneur, an innovative writer and a voracious reader. 

A friend recently said that I am “heart-driven” in all that I do. It is the “secret sauce,” so to speak, that makes me . . .  well, me. That “secret sauce” drives my writing. I write with honesty, vulnerability, authenticity, and of course, passion in a way that I hope is relatable and lets you know that you are not alone. 

We got each other.

Other Endeavors Furthering My Mission

In addition to The Midpoint Blog, I also have started a few other new endeavors that I would like to share. First, I became a member of Chief, a private network of women in executive leadership that strengthens leadership, magnifies our influence, and paves the way for us to bring others with us. Chief has been a total gamechanger!

Second, inspired by the strong women around me, in mid-March, I began to partially shift my law practice to focus on female entrepreneurs, founders, leaders and investors. My vision for the practice is“a world where all women thrive.”  

Third, in conjunction with my female founders practice, I have started a livestream series called, “ValueAdded.” The livestream provides critical information to entrepreneurs on a regular basis. In the fall, I will be adding the “Value Added” newsletter as an additional resource for my clients, friends and anyone else who might be interested.

And finally, I have started writing a book! Memoir-ish, with no targeted deadline for completion – but I will keep you posted!